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Producer - Mark Riley

Mark has worked in the television industry since 1991 bringing his expertise to companies as diverse as Discovery, APTN, Tecnicolor, MTV and Orbit Communications in Rome.

Mark formed Ralphs in 1999 to produce quality independent films and music videos with fresh British talent. His exemplary track record as producer earned his team a finalist placement in the Orange Small Business Awards and also a BAFTA interaction nomination for the film GONE TO THE DOGS. Mark continues to develop and produce exciting new projects.

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Writer/Director - Marios Chirtou

A 20 year veteran of MTV, Marios created a successful series of dance music videos with X-FM's James Hyman. A groundbreaking fusion of DJ mixing, sampling and cutting-edge video, the series become a regular fixture on MTV's PARTY ZONE, with many episodes receiving commercial release.

Marios' two-part news feature on British Hip Hop aired on MTV's WEEK IN ROCK programme. His music promo work includes such artists as Rachel Wallace, Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop, The Smart Es and The Demon Boyz and have been broadcast on BBC, ITV and across Europe on MTV.

In 2004 Marios teamed up with Ralphs to make A LITTLE PEACE & QUIET, a successful collaboration that continues today with their latest production, Pranks.

Sound Design - Ken McDowell

With a career in the television industry that spans 18 years, Ken McDowell has worked on some of the best known and popular dramas on television, including BROOKSIDE and HOLLYOAKS for Channel 4 and the hugely successful LIVING ON THE EDGE for MTV.

Ken also worked with director Alex Cox on his acclaimed documentary THE LAST EMPEROR which details the life and films of legendary director Akira Kurosawa and has even managed to squeeze in an afternoon's work for Mr. Spielberg! Ken currently resides at Lime Pictures.

Music - Darren J Bunting

Darren Bunting's career in the music industry has spanned 25 years. During this time, Darren has performed at such venues as The Marquee and The Mean Fiddler as guitarist, bassist and drummer in numerous bands, all of which were well received on the gig circuit.

A six month tour of the US in 1997, marked the last major live performance by Darren, who has since devoted his talents to writing, producing and recording material for a number of independent artists, encompassing such diverse styles as rock, pop, prog, hip hop, classical and jazz. Darren currently freelances at MTV whilst working on a number of personal projects.

Publicity Art - Suzanne Moxhay

Suzanne is an London based artist whose work centres on a highly mediated approach to photography.  Through mixing low tech cut and paste techniques in the studio with processes of digital manipulation Suzanne creates environments that are never quite believable as real but draw in the viewer in a way similar to the obviously constructed spaces of old film sets.

Since graduating from the Royal Academy Schools in 2007 she has been an Artist in Residence at the Florence Trust Studios and has exhibited her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in London, Europe and the USA. She was the recipient of the FSA Ambitious Works Award in 2006 and the Dunoyer de Segonzac Award in 2007.  Her work has been reviewed in numerous publications including The Guardian and Art World Magazine. Suzanne is now looking forward to creating her unique vision for Pranks. See more of Suzanne's work at
Synopsis - Katie, a 12 year-old foster child, moves into an impressive home with her new mother. She soon discovers that a third occupant also inhabits the house - the ghost of a mischievous little boy with a penchant for tricks and games. What follows is a territorial feud between Katie and the ghost as she attempts to prevent the ghost from encroaching on her new home.
To learn more about Pranks and its associated tutorial book "Craft Of The Cut" visit the Pranks website.

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Ellie Darcey-Alden as Katie Jenny Seagrove Ellie Darcey Alden Camera Bedroom Hallway Jenny Seagrove & Ellie Darcey Alden Ellie Darcy Alden Joseph Darcy Alden Jenny Seagrove Jenny Seagrove & Ellie Darcey Alden Scary Toys Ellie Darcey-Alden
Staring Ellie Darcey-Alden & Jenny Seagrove